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Kleiner Eintrag ins Kritzelbuch

I dunno i just feel like writing a bit of my life in here again ;D

My to do list:

x finish the letter for my bro and burn a cd with pics
x call the free health care clinic
x go there for an appointment and going downtown phoenix to get my paperwork finally straighten up
x gonna call grandma and see what shes up to ;D
x checking out if i can send text messages to germany for free without them and us paying for it (dad has a new samsung cricket cellphone :D)
x cleaning the house a bit up
x calling jasmin some time at the evening

now that sounds like a NOT STRESSFULL DAY :D

yeah thanks lord elke is going with dennis to church 2day and chris needs to go to work at 4 so hopefully ill get a bit of piece today!

my teeth is hurting like fuck and so is my head and my stommach but i gonna have a good relaxing sunday =) at least i hope so lol

im just lucky that i found a free health care clinic in maricopa, saves us the driving and hopefully some time! we'll see what's going to happen tomorrow =)

my babe is going out 2night so i really dont have nuffin to do, which is good cuz i need the rest today, even if i gonna miss him again lol but he needs his time just like i do, at least he can go out so im happy for him =)

even if i feel shitty because of my teeth and shit, i think i gonna have a good sunday =)
10.8.08 21:05


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